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6 Ton Condensing Fuel Gas Steam Boiler In Beiqi Panther

6 Ton Condensing Fuel Gas Steam Boiler In Beiqi Panther


The Beiqi Panthers 6 steaming ton integrated condensing fuel gas steam boiler project has been successfully completed. The series of boilers adopt advanced design concept, using the exhaust heat of the flue gas step, and the condenser and the economizer are used to fully absorb the waste heat in the flue gas, so that the utilization rate of the boiler is greatly improved. The special corrugated furnace design of China boiler reduces the temperature stress caused by thermal expansion of the furnace and has strong flexibility. The differential pressure detection and variable frequency water supply system design makes the boiler run more stable and the user operation is more intuitive. The evaporation of 6 tons of steam fully meets the requirements of the mechanical parts coating, solution heating and topcoat drying of the Panther car in the automobile manufacturing process.

automotive mechanical parts coating, solution heating, topcoat drying and other processes

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